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The four main types of elevators

passenger elevator buttons


A passenger elevator is any elevator intended for the transport of people through a building. These elevators can vary drastically in terms of size, speed, and interior options depending on the use of the elevator.

inside elevator


A service elevator is found in many commercial buildings and is intended for the transport of goods through the buildings by employees, such as the housekeeping staff moving cleaning carts through a hotel. These elevators are also used in hospitals for the transport of patients on hospital beds. To comply with code requirements, service elevators are typically more robust and deeper than standard passenger elevators, so they can navigate larger items through the building.

freight elevator


A freight elevator is intended to move very heavy loads, such as cars or cargo, in industrial buildings. These elevators are not intended for passenger transport and are designed to withstand tougher working conditions, which is why their interiors are focused on heavy steel walls and floors rather than more attractive options.



A dumbwaiter is a small freight elevator. It is often used for the transport of food in restaurants. However, they can be found in both commercial and private buildings.

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